Stuttering man takes stage, brings house down when he flawlessly sings ‘You Raise Me Up’

The viral video of Harrison Craig and Tim Moxley singing “You Raise Me Up” during “The Voice: Australia” will give you chills.

Four years ago, Harrison Craig and Tim Moxley took center stage during season two of “The Voice: Australia.” All four judges and the audience gave the pair of singers a much-deserved standing ovation for the breathtaking performance.

Harrison Craig had a secret that made the performance extra-special.

According to Share Tap, it was not just the breathtaking pipes on these two men that granted the standing ovation. It was also the fact that Harrison stutters when he speaks. When he sings, however, his stuttering problem takes a backseat.

Share Tap noted that Harrison is very passionate when it comes to music. The combination of his passion and his stutter disappearing resulted in his mother encouraging him to take singing lessons. In time, he proceeded to join a choir. Music changed Harrison’s life.

He paired up with Tim during the battle round.

The two decided to sing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban. Both the judges and the audience agreed the performance was spectacular. As they hit the high notes, everyone in the room felt chills.

People can’t stop talking about the performance.

Published in April 2013, the video titled “Harrison Craig And Tim Moxey Sing You Raise Me Up: The Voice Australia Season 2” has nearly 8 million views. In the 2,000 comments, viewers have pretty mixed feelings as far as who thinks Tim Moxley is the better singer and who prefers Harrison Craig.

Some claimed Tim was unlucky pairing up with Harrison, while others claimed they were both great singers but preferred Harrison. One noted Harrison has a “creamier and warmer voice.”

One noted how impossible choosing the better singer was. Another believed it was an easy choice, as Harrison’s voice brought tears to people’s eyes.

In the end, Harrison won the duet battle.

After appearing on “The Voice: Australia,” he released a cover of “Unchained Melody.” His cover rose to the number 2 slot on music charts.

Since then, Harrison has released three different albums. There is no denying this original performance touched the hearts and souls of many. While there is no denying Josh Groban does a spectacular job singing “You Raise Me Up,” Harrison did Groban proud.

Where are they now?

According to Tim Moxey’s blog, he released a new single titled “The Kind Of Man” in April 2017. He revealed it is a personal song about coping with the life and death of his father.

According to Harrison Craig’s website, the singer is on tour until the end of the year with performances across Australia.

Many believe Harrison Craig and Tim Moxey have bright futures in the music industry. Their fans cannot wait to see where they go from here.

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