Stubborn Dog Refuses To Get Out Of Baby’s Crib No Matter How Much Mom Begs

Though it’s important to make sure that, for the sake of their own safety, babies are properly introduced to the family dog, babies and puppies can have a special relationship. After all, taking care of a dog is similar to caring for a baby in a number of ways!

Take this Boston terrier who loves playing with his human baby sister more than anything. In fact, he’s such a big fan of play time that, when mom wanted to get her baby girl out of the crib, the dog just wasn’t having it.

Be ready to laugh at what happened after that!

At the end of the day, all parents ultimately want what’s best for each of their children, especially when it comes to their early years. That’s exactly why they spend so much time making sure that their babies are acclimated to their surroundings.

During this time, it’s extremely important for parents to properly introduce a newborn to the family dog—both for their safety and also so they can build up their friendship. No one wants their child to be afraid of the family dog (and vice-versa)!


Luckily for most parents, children and dogs seem to operate on similar wavelengths, and their eventual bonding is almost inevitable. In some cases, this kinship is so strong that the child might pay more attention to the dog than to their parents…

Just take this adorable baby and her family’s Boston terrier, Humphrey, for example. When the mother of the child first introduced the two, she was nervous that they might not get along. Though, that feeling changed almost instantaneously.


In fact, these two were practically inseparable. When they were recently playing inside of the baby’s crib, the mother wanted Humphrey to give her child some space. Though, neither of them seemed to want the other to leave.

Just look at the way these two effortlessly interacted with one another! This is exactly the relationship that every parent dreams their child will have with the family dog. It’s such an adorable display of true friendship!

Being the obedient dog that he was, Humphrey decided it was probably best to listen to his owner for the time being. The baby, however, immediately began to wonder where her best friend had gone off to so suddenly.


… And then, wouldn’t you know it, Humphrey went and ignored all of his training and jumped back in the crib with his best friend all over again. Only this time, the mother didn’t seem to mind, because they were so clearly having a great time together.

Not only does Humphrey like being next to his young pal, but he didn’t even seem to mind when the baby played with his ears! Just look at that adorable little tug. That’s the sort of thing that would melt any new parent’s heart.


Can you really blame Humphrey for not wanting to get out of the crib? He clearly just wanted to have a good time with his best friend. See the way they play together like they were born to be the very best of friends? So precious…

That sweet pup just couldn’t contain his excitement over having such an adorable new member of the family! It’s nice that his mom had such a positive attitude about it, too. From the looks of it, they’re going to have a lot more fun together in the future.

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