Struggling woman can’t pay for groceries – Stranger behind says she’ll pay, under one condition

They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile — the idea is that it takes more effort to frown than it is to show off a grin. Does the same apply to kindness? It definitely seemed like kindness was the easy choice for one woman in Iowa.

A woman made a lasting impact on a complete stranger, all because of kindness and generosity.

A woman had just moved to the town of Bettendorf, Iowa — she was trying her best to get on her feet. She’d use the bus for transportation and had an EBT card to pay for goods and food at the store.

One day she was grocery shopping at a store called Hy-Vee after taking the long bus ride there. It took a lot out of her to do the entire round trip. It was a bit of an ordeal.

As she was having her items scanned at checkout, she realized she had forgotten her EBT card — she had no way to pay for her groceries.

The cashier decided to call the manager over to see if there was any sort of arrangement that could be made. The manager asked if there was a way she could come back later in the day and they’d just save her cart to the side.

The woman explained that the round trip on the bus was too hard and she just couldn’t do it twice in one day — she wouldn’t be able to come back until the next day. There was a line building up behind them.

Just then, another woman standing behind her asked what the situation was. After hearing the predicament, she offered to pay for the woman’s groceries.

“Can I pay for your groceries? I’d really like to!” the kind lady told the woman. She absolutely couldn’t believe that someone she didn’t even know could be so kind and generous. At first, she even thought she was joking.

But then she saw the genuine compassion in her eyes and knew she was serious.

The woman couldn’t get over the shock of having this lady pay for all of her groceries — she had quite a full cart. She kept asking, “are you sure? Are you sure?”

The woman insisted. She felt so indebted to her but had nothing to offer. She asked if she could give the kind lady a hug in return for her kindness.

After giving the wonderful woman a hug, she snapped a quick picture and had to put it on social media. She wanted to share with the world how incredible this woman was and what she did. She’s hoping to encourage others to be more like her.

She doesn’t know this woman’s name, but she’ll forever remember her kindness. Spread some love today!

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