Strangers see beached whale gasping for breath, realize they can save it if they work together

Humpback whales are some of the earth’s most majestic creatures. It’s one of the largest mammals on the planet — in many instances, they are bigger than a school bus. They can also weigh up to 40 tons.

Although they aren’t the largest whale, that’s blue whale; humpback whales are still far too big to be moved or pushed by a human being if they were to find themselves stranded on land. That is — unless a group of people banded together to make it happen.

On a beach in Praia Rasa, Brazil, beachgoers got the surprise of a lifetime when they spotted a 45-foot humpback whale stranded on the shore. It was still alive, and it was fighting for its life.

The tide had left the ocean-dwelling mammal stranded on shore when it got too close to the shallow waters. The gentle giant was unable to move and didn’t have much time until it was too late.

As soon as the whale was spotted, dozens of people rushed to try and help the beached animal. They began digging away the sand from beneath the magnificent creature, in hopes that sea water would flood through.

The crowd frantically began throwing water on the whale with buckets, trying desperately to keep it alive while they worked hard toward its freedom.

Buckets of water and shovels were flying all around the whale. The entire crowd that had come to help were trying everything they possibly could to help save the beautiful animal. They estimated that the humpback weighed between 10 and 15 tons.

The crowd of rescuers went from dozens to hundreds. The whale was becoming more and more weak as time went by. Something needed to happen. They needed a miracle.

Finally, after hours of digging — the hide tide came in to assist the whale back to the freedom of the ocean waters.

The final moments of freeing the whale were incredibly special for all those that helped. As the whale slowly swims away, the crowd that has gathered at this point was lining the beach in total awe.

The full rescue was caught on amateur cameras through spectator’s phones, but the moment is still incredible to witness.

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