Strangers Rebuild Elderly Widower’s Run-Down Home With 1 Small Act Of Kindness

For an elderly man in Romania, the dilapidated home he lived in was all he had left. After his wife perished in their family home, followed by a devastating fire, Ion Negrila clung to the faded memories that lived among the broken down-four walls and roof over his head.

Ion Negrila Was Living In Unbearable Conditions

Despite the fact that the government had offered to help Ion out with placement in a senior facility, he didn’t want to leave his memories, no matter how tattered, behind. But with his home in disarray and his declining health, the odds were growing increasingly against him.

After Losing His Wife, A Fire Destroyed Most Of His Home

After Laurențiu Croială heard the old man’s story, his heart went out to the retired factory worker. He decided he wanted to help Ion so after posting his story on Facebook, he raised $1,172 to help him repair his home.

Although The Government Offered Help, He Didn’t Want To Leave His Memories Behind

They used the money to buy a freight container, purchase food and water and transformed it into a quaint home for Ion to live out his final years in peace and tranquility.

Laurențiu Croială Wanted To Help The Old Man, So He Raised Funds

The Funds Would Be Used To Purchase A Shipping Container

After seeing his new home, Ion was so incredibly touched that two complete strangers would do something so thoughtful for him. He was clearly overwhelmed with emotion and moved to tears after he returned to his new home.

When Ion Saw The Transformation, He Was Moved To Tears

His response was absolutely incredible!

It Was A Beautiful Act Of Kindness

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