Stranger Hands Out $2 Bills To Passengers, Then Breaks Hearts With Truth About His Father

Take a moment to consider the cash that is sitting inside of your wallet. Perhaps you have a few dollar bills or maybe you’re lucky enough to be carrying around bills of a slightly higher denomination. Out of all the smaller bills that are currently in circulation in America at the moment, the $2 bill is the one that most of us would say is the most difficult to come by in the majority of instances.

That’s why there are so many citizens who decide to keep any $2 bill that they receive in their wallet, so that it can serve as a token of good luck. The denomination is certainly a very rare one and while these bills remain in circulation, the concept of someone having a wallet full of them to give away may seem strange. However, this story of kindness shows that even the smallest of bills can be incredibly meaningful.

Natalie was a flight headed to North Carolina and the events that unfolded during her trip caused her to head to Facebook in order to tell the world. A male passenger was inspired by his father to hand out $2 bills to all of the passengers, in a tribute to the gift that he was given by his dad when was just 16 years old. The father told his son to keep the bill forever, so that he would never be broke.

The man handed out these bills to every passenger and he did not want anything in return for doing so. In his mind, it was the best way to spread the love that he had been given and it was also a very unique way to honor his father. While we do not know this man’s father on any sort of a personal level, we are willing to bet that he was very proud of his son for what he chose to do on this fateful day.

This was his way of ensuring that the family tradition would always be carried on and he passed along his sincere wish that no one on the flight would ever find themselves broke. In a world where we are always worried about money and constantly confronted by the ills of society, this man’s kind words meant the world to everyone aboard. This simple act of kindness definitely made everyone’s day.

A great person doing a great thing and expecting nothing in return? Now that’s what we call a story worth sharing. Please do not hesitate to pass this story along as soon as possible and take a moment to share it with the loved ones in your life who you wish to bestow everlasting riches upon.