Sister’s crushed when Marine brother can’t attend wedding, bursts into tears when he shows up

Daniel Atwood from Charlotte, North Caroline is a United States Marine and was deployed when his little sister Sarah was going to get married. The marine tried to get a day of leave to be able to make it to his sister’s wedding, but it was declined.

The bride Sarah was crying the night before because her brother and best friend wouldn’t be there for her big day.

She was devastated and cried on her mom’s lap because she had hoped that her big brother would be able to make it. However, the surprise she received the next day more than made up for it.

It turns out that Daniel was granted a temporary 24-hour leave after all and was notified at the last minute.

Daniel was extremely happy to be able to go to Sarah’s wedding and decided to surprise her when he found out. He hopped on the first flight back home and asked for mom’s help to keep it all a surprise.

The bride was busy doing a photo shoot for the wedding, and their mom sneaked Daniel – who was still in uniform – into the venue without her noticing. However, it didn’t take long before she laid eyes on her brother and instantly burst into tears of happiness.

“I was kind of confused,” the bride says in the video. “Because people were, like, acting really funny … Everyone was looking around the corner, and I was just, like, ‘Is something wrong and they’re just not trying to tell me so I don’t stress out?’”

“How much time do you have?” Sarah asked, to which Daniel replied with “I’ve got your back tomorrow.”

The entire moment was captured by Andrew Didway and posted on YouTube, where it quickly went viral with over 31 million views. Andrew was present on the wedding day and posted the following caption underneath the YouTube video:

“An active duty Marine surprises his sister on her wedding day.

So thankful for the sacrifices military men and women make for our freedom everyday. It was an honor meeting this Marine and his family.”

This incredible reunion is likely to bring a couple of tears to your eyes. After a very lengthy and emotional embrace between the two, Sarah calls it the “best surprise ever.” Daniel had to wipe the tears of her face saying that she’d probably need to redo her makeup before telling her that she looks beautiful.

What a sweet reunion!

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