‘Sick In The Head’ Liberals Want To Abolish Father’s Day. Here’s What They Want To Call It Instead

When it comes to political correctness liberals write the dictionary. It seems like everything these days is deemed offensive or must be changed if it bothers even one person. While removing Confederate statues is one thing, changing the name of Father’s Day is something entirely different. But left-wing people in Australia are fighting to change the name of the holiday to something more “inclusive.” And the people at America’s Freedom Fighters are pointing it out before this trend migrates across the Pacific to California and the rest of the United States. What is the reason for the change? Why would Australia want to take Father’s Day away from all the dads who work hard to provide for their families? The reason will shock you…

In Australia, the liberals find Father’s Day offensive because some children are raised without fathers. That’s right. Because the live in a single parent household with only their mother, the Australian liberals believe that these children deserve to recognize other family members who help out like grandparents or aunts and uncles. And the liberals also want to protect gay families from getting their feelings hurt if they don’t technically have a father in the bunch.

This push to erase Father’s Day from the calendar comes from childhood psychology “expert” Red Ruby Scarlet. She’s leading the charge. She wants to get rid of Father’s Day and replace it with something more general and politically correct. Her suggestion is “Special Persons’ Day.”

That really sounds great, doesn’t it?

Although Scarlet refuses to admit that this is a move to be more politically correct, it seems to be just that. And what’s strange is that this move keeps gaining popularity in Australia. The liberals there love the idea of getting rid of Father’s Day, despite many fathers speaking up about it. Some schools are already taking Scarlet’s suggestion and adding it to their school calendars instead of Father’s Day.

Scarlet thinks the change is “fair” because so many fathers in Australia skip out on their families.

“Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?” she told the reporters of Today Tonight. Her claims are backed up by researcher, she says. And she doesn’t think it should controversial to take away Father’s Day from every father who spends his days providing and working hard to put food on the table for his family.

The logic behind Scarlet’s push to erase Father’s Day in Australia is not sound. Why should it be taken away just because some children don’t have fathers in their lives?

As a father myself, I don’t think it is right to take Father’s Day away. Why not create a second day to recognize the other people who play a valuable role in raising a child? They deserve recognition, but that is no reason to take Father’s Day away from the hard-working men who do right by their families.

Will you push back against this change?

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