She Thought Her Daughter Standing On The Toilet Was Cute, Until She Learned Why

There are certain things that children should never have to experience. They are too young for obvious adult ideas, and even things aimed at their age group could be a bit much for the budding sense of self and limited experience. Parents may spend too much time over what their kids are exposed to and try their best to keep such situations at bay, but that doesn’t mean their offspring are immune.

Kids And Toilets

What this has to do with a little girl standing on a toilet seat is a truly sad story. When Stacey Wehrman walked into her bathroom the other day, she saw something that instantly brought a smile to her lips. Her little three-year-old daughter was on the commode, balanced precarious on the rim. Without hesitation, Stacey grabbed her phone and snapped a photo.

They Don’t Really Get Along Too Well

Before sharing it with the world across social media, the well-meaning mom asked her baby what she was doing. The answer absolutely devastated her. Turns out, her child had been taught this technique at preschool. It was part of a “lockdown” drill, meant to keep kids safe should someone with a gun show up and start shooting, a la Sandy Hook.

But This Girl Did Something That Angered Her Mother

No, seriously. Here was a toddler, being taught how to protect herself in case of a mass shooting. Barely old enough to feed and clothe herself and yet she knows how to hide from someone looking to kill her. How horrible and sad. Stacey took it upon herself to post a rant along with the photo, admonishing politicians for not doing more about gun control. Again, there are certain things kids should not know about. This is definitely one of them.

Here’s How The News Is Treating The Story:

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