She Found Her Wedding Ring After 11 Years…In The Last Place You’d Want To Find It

It’s often said that missing items are often found in the last place you’d expect. And after losing her wedding ring more than a decade ago, this Colorado woman never expected to find it inside a toilet.

Sheila Hatfield’s world was turned upside down when her then 3-year-old daughter Kiara had taken her wedding band off her nightstand and misplaced it. Over the next fews days, Hatfield and her husband searched high and low with no luck. In a desperate race to find the ring, Hatfield even consulted a few psychics to help aid in the search.

Fast forward 11 years, when Hatfield’s daughter made a discovery while helping her parents renovate their home.

While moving their old toilet to the garage, Kiara stumbled upon what she thought was an old washer.

Showing off the crusted washer to her parents, Hatfield quickly realized that it was, in fact, her long-lost ring.

Learn more about this weird story in the video below!

I’m equal parts intrigued and terrified to think what mysterious treasures might be taking up space in my own toilet. Perhaps a former pet or two.