She clipped a clothespin on her ear. She couldn’t believe that this method has such an effect after a few days!

Reflexology is a type of holistic therapy that consists of pressing points called reflexes.

These points can be found on your feet, face, hands and ears. Each one of these is connected to a specific organ or part of the body. Pressing these points improves the function of these organs, stimulates the nervous system and increases circulation. Reflexology goes back to the old ages. It was used by ancient Egyptians and the Chinese.

In the 1930s there was a revival of this method. It was spread by Eunice Ingham. After some time, she opened the first school that specialized in reflexology education. The woman dedicated forty years of her life researching and promoting this therapy. Recently reflexology of the ear has become very popular. The point is to squeeze certain points using a clothespin.

Where exactly are these points and what are they connected to? More about this on the next page.

1. The upper part of the ear

The upper part of the ear is directly connected to the back and shoulders. Squeezing the top part of your cartilage daily helps to relieve pain and tension in those areas. The easiest way is to place some type of pin there, but if you don’t want want to use a clip for whatever reason, squeeze your ear between your thumb and forefinger.

2. The curved part of your upper ear

This point is connected to the functions of the organs in your body, so if you feel some minor pain or discomfort, you should place a clip in this place. Remember that this is only for minor pains. If it’s something serious, contact your doctor! Reflexology will not cure a sick liver, pancreas or kidney. It will only help them in functioning better.

3. The upper part of the middle of your ear

This area, on the other hand, is connected to your joints. Applying pressure at this point, will relieve your joints and reduce their stiffness and swelling. It will reduce the pain that comes along from sitting at the computer for long periods of time.

It’s important to note: this does not treat rheumatism!

4. The lower part of the middle of your ear

By squeezing the lower, middle part of your ear, you will bring about relief to your throat and sinuses. This is useful if you have a stuffy nose and cannot sleep in peace. Don’t expect that fastening a pin to your ear for one day for a few minutes will work miracles. You have to wait some time for the effects to kick in.

5. Just above the auricle

The point above the auricle is connected to digestion. By putting a clip there, you will reduce abdominal pain and improve digestion. You can preventatively squeeze this place to avoid future stomach problems.

6. Ear lobe

The lobe is connected to the heart and head. Squeezing it will reduce migraines and headaches and improve the functioning of the heart.
These are just the main reflexes located on the ear. There are many others that are much smaller. Here’s where they are located:

To tylko główne refleksy na uchu. Istnieje jeszcze mnóstwo innych, znacznie mniejszych. Oto, gdzie są zlokalizowane:

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