Severely Neglected Puppy Left To Die, Then Vets Took A Closer Look At Her Face

There are far too many dogs wandering the streets nowadays and when we see a dog that has fallen into a state of neglect, we often find ourselves wondering why someone would allow such a thing to happen. Animals deserve the same amount of love and care as their human counterparts and when they do not, it breaks our hearts to see the results of their mistreatment.

Francesca is an example of just such a dog and when she was found wandering around the streets of Alabama, it was clear as day to see that she was in need of help. The puppy had been abandoned by her former owners and the lack of care she received had caused her body to develop a severe infection. If not for the kindhearted soul who came along to rescue her, we shudder to think of what would have happened next.

She was brought to the good people at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and thanks to their assistance, the recovery process finally began in earnest. Her infection was successfully diagnosed as dermatitis and it is believed that her condition was caused by septic wounds and various flea bites. No one is sure exactly how she came to find herself in this condition.

All that matters is that she has been removed from the streets and given a much needed second chance at living the sort of happy and healthy life that all animals deserve. The severe neglect that she once suffered through is a thing of the past and while she is currently be cared for by the staff members at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, it is estimated that she will need at least a month to achieve a full recovery.

Stories like this one remind us of just how precious the lives of animals are and make us wonder what type of monster would willfully choose to endanger a dog’s life like this. There are no shortage of shelters and animal hospitals who are ready, willing and able to assist owners who can no longer feed and house their pets.

So why would someone elect to do this? Please take a moment to check out this video about the life and times of Francesca and be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. Awareness needs to be raised about the improper care of animals, so that stories like these become less commonplace.