Security Camera Catches Kid’s Act Of Kindness, Gets Praise From Strangers Around The World

Halloween night is all about candy and frights. When you think about kids on Halloween, they are focused on getting as much candy as possible. However, there was one kid whose generosity sparked viral images on the internet. Remember that no matter where you are, there are cameras out and about somewhere to catch what you are doing. Cameras on a home caught this kid red handed doing something truly amazing for the other kids in an Idaho Falls, Idaho neighborhood.

Jesse Robertson, a homeowner in the neighborhood, was not able to sit outside and hand out candy on Halloween. Because of this, she opted to put out a bowl of candy for kids and asked them to just take one or two pieces. She stated that they were on camera and hoped that all of the kids would respect her wishes by taking just one or two pieces.

When she put out the bowl, she was hoping that she would catch someone taking the entire bowl. Unfortunately, this did occur and it resulted in other kids not being able to get treats at her home. However, one child showed that even though some people can be greedy, this is not true for everyone.

When you look at her video, one child walked up, noticed the bowl was empty and instead of walking away, he reached into his candy sack and pulled out some of the candy he collected at other homes to put into the bowl. Robertson says that the kind gesture of this child is something that she wanted everyone to see so she shared the video.

In the video, you see a young boy completely decked out in his Halloween costume. He looks at his mom and has a look of disappointment on his face when he notices that all of the candy is gone. You can see he and his mom starting to walk away from the bowl. Then, the boy turns around, reaches into his bag and puts some of his own candy right into the empty bowl.

Halloween is a night that is for everyone and this child certainly felt that more people should get to enjoy it and some extra candy for their haul. This is certainly heartwarming and it shows that no matter who a person is or how old they are, they can shock the world with their sense of kindness and generosity.

Once he puts the candy into the bowl, he says “that’s better” and then joins his mom to go back to collecting candy from other places.

Robertson decided to head to her Facebook page and share the video so that everyone can delight in this child’s generosity. She added a note that she wants the kid or his mom to message her because she is so overwhelmed by the kindness of this child. She wants to thank him for giving so generously to the other kids who would happen upon her porch looking for candy. This is a story that will certainly brighten anyone’s day.