Scammer tries to collect ‘taxes’ from man, doesn’t expect to get scammed in hilarious manner

An actor named Ashton Bingham received a call from an IRS telephone scammer — they were attempting to get him to send them money. Of course, he wasn’t going to fall for it and decided to have a little fun instead.

The person trying to scam Bingham is claiming that he is calling from the IRS and that the actor owes them $3,445. This was when he decided to start filming and have a little fun with the situation.

At first, Bingham tries to turn the tables and pretend like he thinks he’s the recipient of the $3,445. The person on the other end of line tries their best to explain to him that he owes them, not the other way around.

The IRS telephone scammer starts getting confused and thrown off my Bingham’s reaction.

Then, the 90210 actor decides to try a different tactic instead — he acts as if he’s talking to someone about the lawnmower he ordered. Even more confused, the man on the phone keeps repeating that he has an “outstanding balance” and needs to pay money.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Bingham explains to the caller that he ordered a sit-down lawnmower, not a standing one. The frustration on the other end of the line is building.

The con artist on the other end of the line starts threatening the actor with the presence of police and his arrest. Bingham can’t keep a straight face.

The caller goes on to say that he will end up in jail with everything taken away from him — his house, his bank accounts, and his property will all be frozen. Bingham is just in awe at this point and decides to keep messing with the guy.

He continues to play the lawnmower card, much to the dismay of the con artist. Bingham keeps going on and on about this make-believe lawnmower that he ordered “9 days ago.”

The actor starts ranting about a lawnmower, his girlfriend, and his dog — the scam caller couldn’t be more confused.

None of this stops him from trying to scam the actor out of money. In fact — he proceeds to tell him to head to his nearest Target to load up some gift cards with the amount of money that he “owes.”

As you can probably guess at this point — the actor is just relentless, and surprisingly, so is the scam caller. It’s absolutely hilarious.

The entire video and interaction just gets funnier and funnier as it continues. Eventually leading to him calling the scammer out.

There’s a reason it’s been viewed over 7.5 million times.

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