Sadistic Teens Who Tortured Animals Have Finally Learned Their Fate – Sent To Russian Prison

Alyona Savchenko, 17, made headlines with her friend Alina Orlova, 18, for torturing and killing animals and filming it. The atrocious acts took place in Russia. The two teens went to trial – which lasted five months. In the end, they both pleaded guilty. I mean if there is a video that shows you torturing and killing an innocent animal, how could you not plead guilty?!

Orlova did at first deny she had anything to do with the crimes, but a distinctive tattoo that could be seen in the video gave her away. According to the Siberian Times, Savchenko and Orlova systematically mutilated, abused, and killed animals (both cats and dogs). Apparently, the animals were struck with bats, tied up, stabbed, and even had their eyes gouged out.

Some of the poor creatures were then hanged. When Savchenko was caught and interviewed, she was calling herself the “Devil’s Duchess” and claimed she needed blood on her at all times to feel warm. Some of the images showed the teens in horror costumes as they tortured the animals. One dead cat was shown lying on its back while having its internal organs pulled out.

One dog was seen nailed to a wall and then shot with an air gun. Savchenko was given a four-year and three-month jail term. Orlova will be in prison for three years and ten days. The girls had an 18-year-old male accomplice, Valery Smyshlyaev, who got three years. Not sure that is justice. Share away, people.