Rich Kid Thinks He’s Entitled To Film Crime And Post Video Online, Gets What’s Coming To Him

They’re the people you love to hate. If you follow any of the “rich kids of Instagram” you see these entitled Millennials flaunting their expensive cars and lavish lifestyles for anyone who wants to see. Because their parents made a lot of money and freely handed it over to the kids, these rich kids get to do whatever they want – and they feel like they’re above the law for it.

In the shocking video below, you’ll see an ultra-wealthy Ukrainian student stood on his balcony and fired his gun at a crowd of pedestrians in the street.

The footage was filmed in central Kharkiv. You will see the rich kid standing on the balcony aiming at the “lowly ants” down on the street. He holds the black pistol with both hands as he points the barrel at the innocent pedestrians.

The rich kid then pulls the trigger and fires two bullets at the crowd on the street. Then he lifts the gun into the air and fires three more shots. Feeling excited by the power he held over the innocent people’s lives, the rich punk then turns away from his victims and smiles at the camera.

He smirks and then says, “Someone is going to call the cops.”

After firing the gun into the crowd of innocents, like domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock did in Las Vegas, the student went on Instagram to brag about almost killing people.

Thankfully, police found the evidence on social media and arrested the rich kid along with his three friends who were there for the show at the time.

This violent outburst is not the first time this wealthy Instagram student posted threatening content. Earlier this month, he took his gun to the office of one of the deans at the Kharkiv National University and took a photo of him holding it outside the door.

This student is looking for trouble – and doesn’t seem to value human life.

The violent student’s Instagram page was named damn.sultan and has since been deleted. It is unclear if the student shut it down or if the security teams at Instagram did it.

The account showed the student posing for selfies at the gym, at school, and at his apartment. In some images, he is with his friends. In others, he has his gun cocked and ready to fire.

The Instagram account linked to a Russian Facebook account where his name was listed as Roman Dobrenky.

Thankfully no one was injured in the public shooting. The violent student is under house arrest and is scheduled to go through a criminal proceeding. But it hardly sounds like it is safe for him to be at home – as he fired his gun from the balcony as innocent people walked the streets going about their day.

The shooter and his rich friends face seven years in jail for “hooliganism with the use of firearms.”

Do you think rich kids should face the same punishments as everyone else? Or should the law let their parents pay their way out of trouble?