Restaurant Owner Sees Single Mom Struggling To Lift Her 70 Lb. Disabled Son Every Day, Gives Her Priceless Gift

Living with a special needs child is a profile in courage. Every day, waking up to the same challenges and pitfalls, every day, overcoming the same and finding ways to meet their many needs. In some situations, the solutions are obvious and easy. In other cases, they require elements (money, access) that are hard to come by, if not impossible to get.

With Special Needs Come…Special Needs

For the last 14 years, Christine Guerra-Candelaria has been caring for her son Matthew. Though he weighs a mere 70 pounds, he still has to be lifted in and out of his wheelchair in order to get in and out of the family SUV. Christine is a single mom and cannot afford a specially outfitted vehicle with a lift and other features for a handicapped individual.

More Families Have A Hard Time Handling The Financial Challenges

That’s when fate – and restaurant owner Stephen Paternoster – stepped in. He had seen Christine and her son and his heart went out to them. He knew he had to do something, and so he decided to lift this mother’s burden in the most beneficial way possible. And why did he do it? Sometimes, you just have to do what makes you feel good, Paternoster said.

This Man Made One Single Mother Very Happy Indeed

The owner of the Italian eatery Scalo donated a tricked out van to Christine and Matthew, one allowing access for his wheelchair and that does not require mom to pick up and place her 70-pound son in and out of a special car seat. It’s an amazing gesture and one that renews your faith in humanity. Life with a special needs child has its challenges. It can also be very rewarding. Christine and Matthew can attest to this from both sides of the situation.

Matthew Gets His New Ride

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