Rescuers Come Across What They Call The Worst Case Of Animal Cruelty The World Has Ever Seen

People already treat animals very cruelly and when they know that the animals are strays without a proper home, all bets are off. Unfortunately, there are those who feel as if animals without homes are essentially their personal punching bags to do with as they wish. That’s why so many homeless animals are subjected to such cruelty and this is something that we wish we could put a stop to.

Even Malta, an island state that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, has formulated a plan to assist all of the homeless animals who reside there. The Association for Abandoned Animals works tirelessly to assist animals who are in need. Horace is one such stray and when he was found, you would not believe the condition that he was in. This poor boxer had been through a gamut of abuse.

The animal’s head was covered in blood when he was found. Can you believe that someone had used a cutting implement to completely remove the animal’s ears? What kind of sick and twisted person would even think to do something like that? One of his eyes had even been ruptured as a result of the cruelty he experienced. Happy Paws Clinic stepped in to help clean him up.

When they examined Horace, they determined that he had to have been shot in the face. He had clearly been experiencing abuse for a very long time and doctors believe that it will take several surgeries to successfully remove all of the pellets from his head. Some of the pieces are going to be impossible to remove and Horace will be forced to live with them for the rest of his days.

We hope and pray that the people who are responsible for these atrocious actions are found and punished severely. It takes an awful kind of person to do something like this to an animal that has done nothing wrong. All Horace ever wanted was a chance at a normal life and it has been cruelly stripped from him by people who do not know what it is like to pick on someone who is their own size.

Please share this story about Horace’s abuse to raise awareness about topics of this nature. With any luck, Horace will soon be able to mend his injuries and find a forever home with a family that truly cares about his well being.