REMIX! She Recorded Her Husband Snores And Turned Them Into ‘Depacito’

It’s all part of being a couple. At some point in the relationship, you’re going to have to face it’s sonic strangeness and ability to cause sleeplessness. Indeed, curing the problem has become big business, with all manner of medical and “alternative” remedies being required for everyone to have a truly silent night. Still, for all the mouthpieces and breathing apparatuses, drugs and bed positioning, snoring is a problem. Some people make minor noises. Others, like the man in this video, seem to be doing a darn good imitation of a buzzsaw.

Everyone Snores

For the last four years, one woman had been recording her husband’s seismic slumber activity. Let’s face it, this man can SNORE. Clearly, she has a lot of patience, because this man can rattle the rafter when he wants to. Back in the day, it would be hard to capture such chaos for others to appreciate. Now, thanks to smartphone technology, the blackmail fodder is a mere “video record” button away.

There’s Nothing Wrong With It

Then, to takes things up several notches, she handed the clips to her nephew who edited them into a cover of the Luis Fonsi single “Despacito.” Back in the day, this could have been easily handled by a sampling keyboard and some studio trickery. Now, all you need is a wealth of visual and aural material to work from, and someone willing to put it all together, Jingle Cats style, into something like a song.

Unless You’re Sleeping

Oh course, we are sure the husband here is not happy with his newfound musical status. After all, he’s the dictionary definition of someone who snores. A lot. Loudly. And even with the video’s melodious makings, it’s still just random moments of a guy being given the business by his spouse. It must be love. Or maybe he doesn’t know about it…yet. We’re sure once this video hits social media, he’ll be as big a celebrity as Mr. Fonsi.

Get Ready To Dance…Or Nap

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