Pug Dog Suffers Horrendous Injury After Wearing His Harness For Three Weeks

Three weeks. 21 days. Depending on what you are doing, it’s either the longest timeframe imaginable (work or school) or the shortest (vacation). Now imagine wearing a tight fitting piece of clothing for that long. No relief. No adjustment. Just fabric digging into your skin over and over, each time burrowing a bit deeper into your soft, yielding flesh…and then imagine it gets infected, and because of who you are, you can’t get it treated.

This Is Jackson And His Babies

Instead, you have to hope someone takes you to get help. That’s what happened to a little pug dog in Australia when a dog watcher left the pup’s harness on for three weeks straight. Jackson Millan planned to be in Brazil for over six weeks, and he hired a service online to watch his beloved pets. While on his trip, he continuously asked the minder for photos of his fur babies. He felt ignored.

Someone Left Otis In His Harness For Three Weeks

When some were finally sent, Jackson noticed that Otis the pug was still wearing his harness, and the item was stained with blood and covered in pus. Immediately demanding the dog be taken to the vet, it turns out the minder had left the item on the dog for the whole time. It caused a massive infection, and before Jackson knew it, Otis was being hospitalized in critical condition.

And This Was The Awful Result

Dobby, Jackson’s other dog, was taken into custody to be cared for as well. The company used, Mad Paws, is taking the allegations that one of its employees abused the animal very seriously. “The welfare of our clients pets is paramount,” said the CEO, and they are investigating the claims. Jackson also reported it to the police and the local RSPCA. Justice for Otis, today!

This Little Pug Is Just So Cute

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