Pregnant woman goes into labor during hurricane. Neighbors form human chain to give her a chance


A 32-year-old Houston woman went into labor as Hurricane Harvey floodwater surrounded her home, ending her hopes of driving to the nearby hospital to deliver her baby.

Annie Smith told ABC News her and her husband, Greg, mentally prepared for a home birth as they watched floodwater rise from the windows of their apartment. Fortunately for the Houston couple and their unborn child, both are doctors. Annie claims her husband slipped into “super doctor mode” as he roamed the apartment gathering necessary supplies for a home birth.

A neighbor sent an email to the entire apartment complex asking for assistance after checking on Annie and Greg on Sunday morning. Within 30 minutes of sending the email, more than 15 people arrived at the Smiths’ apartment prepared to assist.

Greg revealed to ABC News the apartment complex is home to many individuals with medical experience.

“There are a lot of medical trainees in the complex, so a general surgery resident next door came over, and some emergency residents and finally an OB-GYN intern showed up too. People dug through their supplies and brought sutures and scalpels and anything that could be needed.”

Annie and Greg attempted to call 911 for assistance but never received an answer.

It was a phone call Annie made to the director of her fellowship program that resulted in a rescue crew arriving at the front door. Greg believed the father of the director lived close to a fire department and asked for assistance.

“I was with Annie, and I looked out the window, and I saw this big truck come pulling up, and I said, ‘Holy cow, I think someone is here for us,’” Greg revealed.

Neighbors and firefighters formed a human chain to help Annie get to the rescue truck.

The floodwater was so high that neither Annie, Greg, nor anyone else for that matter could make it to the rescue truck safely. With a little quick thinking, the neighbors and firefighters formed a human chain Annie used to move from her apartment to the rescue truck. Annie told ABC News she crawled across the arms of the individuals in the human chain until she reached the truck.

Nearly 12 hours after arriving at the hospital, Adrielle, the couple’s first child, was born. The Hurricane Harvey newborn weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Annie remains in awe of how helpful her neighbors and the firefighters were.

“It was absolutely incredible how many people responded and were out in the rain trying to help us,” she said. “And the staff has been stranded here since Friday, alternating 12-hour shifts and still giving exceptional care.”

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