Pit Bull Saved Toddler From Deadly Attack, Pays The Price; Makes Full Recovery (video)

Pit bulls tend to have a bad reputation. Because the breed has been victim to poor breeding and the dogs are sometimes trained to be aggressive from the start, they aren’t usually listed as the most family friendly dog. But, don’t be too quick to judge these pups, as they can be extremely loving and gentle pets. In fact, they can be so loving that they will go to great lengths to protect their owner and innocent children along the way.

When one man was walking his pit bull, Hurley after dark, he decided to unleash him so the pup could fully explore his surrounding and sniff till his heart was content. But, the quiet evening was quickly flipped upside down when the man heard a loud scream coming from a child nearby. Before he could grab Hurley’s leash, the pup was off to investigate where the noise was coming from.

By the time Hurley’s owner caught up with him, Hurley was in the middle of pouncing on a vicious copperhead snake that was within inches of the child. Hurley didn’t hesitate to attack and kill the snake, using his instinct to keep the venomous snake away from the child.

While it is unclear whether or not the child was actually bitten by the snake, Hurley’s owner hopes to connect with the family to make sure everyone is okay. Evidently, the child ran off to his mother quickly and was taken to the emergency room.

The man was proactive about the situation and he called animal control following the incident. It turns out that Hurley didn’t just find a lone copperhead, but he found an entire nest of the venomous snakes not far from the child. Hurley himself was struck by the snake while defending the child.

When the sister of the man heard about Hurley’s heroic act, she shared it on social media and it quickly received more than 53,000 likes and 13,000 shares.

Several commenters weighed in on the incident and on the breed…

“I have four little boys and our pit bull (Josie) has been a wonderful companion to them all. She has been a pillow, a shoulder to cry on and the dog who chases the monsters out of the closet for years. People really need to stop judging by breed.”

Hopefully, Hurley was okay after he was bitten. Apparently, he isn’t the only pit bull to be bitten by a copperhead…

“Our red nose was bitten last year by a copper. They are no joke! Thank god me had an amazing er vet that saved his life. It took three vials of Anti-Venom for him to clot.”

“When I was pregnant with my son, we lived next to a large lake and multiple times my pit/rott mix would alert and kill the snakes before they could get to me. Shook one so hard it snapped in half and hit the window of my bedroom causing me to have a mini heart attack. He would never let me near them and would always block but let me know that they were there or he would kill them himself. I lost him a couple of years ago but I’ll never forget how fiercely protective TBone was of his mama and his little brother.”