Pig Saved From Testing Lab Finally Finds A Loving Forever Home

The piglet in this story did not experience a happy start to their life and while there are many who do not stop to consider the effects that testing labs have on animals like these, it is crucial to remember that the lives of all animals are equally important. This poor piglet was found with scorched skin and there were several burn marks on her skin…which had been arranged in very neat rows.

Alba has since been given a new name and a fresh chance, thanks to the efforts of some helpful animal lovers who could not bear to see her continue to suffer any longer. Gone are the days where she is cooped up inside of a testing lab. She is now able to run around at an animal sanctuary and spend carefree moments rolling around in the cool grass outdoors.

The animal spent eight weeks of her life getting tested and judging from the markings on her back, she was a burn test animal. Unfortunately, there are no further details available regarding her former place of residence. Once an animal is removed from a lab of this nature, all parties involved are forced to sign a non disclosure agreement about the atrocities that take place.

It is fortunate that Alba was ever released in the first place, as the majority of animals who reside in these types of labs are euthanized after the testing is complete. Alba was lucky enough to catch the eye of someone somewhere and once they had allowed themselves to become fond of the piglet, she was released into their custody and offered a whole new lease on life.

Her personality shined through and it is obvious to anyone who spends time with her that she is a kind and loving creature. The lab does not usually release animals, but these special circumstances warranted special treatment. A woman named Kristen made sure that Alba received the proper vaccination and spaying and once this process was taken care of, she was brought to the good people at Rancho Relaxo.

Please take a moment to pass along this story to spread awareness about the existence of testing labs like the one Alba was blessed enough to escape from. While Alba was able to experience a life that is filled with the love of human beings and lots of fun times outdoors, all of the other animals that reside in these labs are typically not as well off.