Physical therapist assistant gives patient bright-colored shoes for birthday

Sometimes choosing the perfect gift for someone comes easy and sometimes it comes hard. Depending on how well you know the person, the right gift can mean many different things. For a physical therapist assistant living in Cleveland, TX, the perfect gift for one of her dear patients took the form of brightly-colored sneakers.

Angela Berton uploaded a video to Facebook depicting the precious moment she presented a birthday gift to one of her patients. In the video’s description, Berton explained that the footage was from the day prior to the patient’s birthday. Berton describes the immense joy she felt from watching her patient’s excited reaction after opening the box.

«It’s my patient’s birthday tomorrow so I found her some bright shoes since she has been admiring mine so much. She cried when she read her birthday card but the joy on her face when she opened her present has made my week,» Berton wrote on Facebook .

Watch the beautiful moment in the video below!