People That Are Easily Offended Are Claiming Cop Is Racist Because Of His Halloween Costume

Rarely does a day go by lately without someone not mentioning Colin Kaepernick or some of the many others who have opted to not stand during the anthem. It seems like we hear about a new non-patriotic incident every day.

One University of Nevada police officer decided to have a little fun with the Kaepernick saga, so he wore a costume mocking the pro football player for Halloween.

But, the officer, Antonio Guiterrez, is being accused of being racist as he wore a prosthetic nose and an afro to match Kaepernick’s African American features. The outfit was complete with a red 49ers shirt with Kaepernick’s number seven and he was holding a sign that read ‘Will stand for food.’

The irony of the situation is that it was actually a police officer mocking an African American who chose to kneel in support of opposing police brutality against people of color.

Some people were not impressed with the photo that went viral, and the following comments were seen circulating on social media…

“‘Hey @unevadareno! one of your officers, Antonio Gutierrez, decided to go as a racist portrayal of #Kaep last night. this isn’t ok.”

“The fact that everyone in these comments that are saying it’s not offensive is white… making my blood boil man. Y’all have no idea.”

And then there were some who felt that the costume was on point, and it wasn’t racist…

“You are WAY too soft!!!! Get some thicker skins and grow up.”

“Oversensitive much? Get over it already this costume is hilarious!”

After University of Nevada Police Chief was bombarded with the comments, he apologized for his officer’s costume.

“For those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies,” said Garcia, who did not actually confirm that the man in the photo was Gutierrez. “Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another – on or off duty – is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack of understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted.”

While the act was deemed as being inappropriate, a spokesperson for UNR (University of Nevada Reno) confirmed that Gutierrez would not be punished, as there is no policy in place that dictates disciplinary action for such an act.

This just proves that you can never be too sure when you decide to dress up as someone else for Halloween. In today’s political climate there are all types of emotions swirling around that can easily ignite a controversy.

Another post showed a photo of Gutierrez standing next to an African American man while holding the sign “All Lives Matter.”

Commenters who supported the costume didn’t hold back from sharing their feelings about the whole situation…

Poor, poor multi-millionaire Colin got dissed by a police officer he is protesting…how does it feel, Colin?

At this time, Kaepernick has not commented on the costume.