People Started Putting Out Fire – Then They Hears Cries Of Help Coming From The Rubble

Some of the images below are graphic – be aware that some may not be suitable for all. A fire started out in someone’s garden, and all the neighbors rallied together to put it out. When they were finished, they all heard some tiny, pitiful, meows coming from the ashes. Underneath some wood, they found a little burnt paw – a small kitten had gotten trapped and badly burned during the fire.

The kitten, later named Phoenix, was taken to the RSPCA and her treatments began immediately.

Phoenix had burns all over, she lost hair on her toes, tail, ears, paws, and face. No one was sure if she could even pull through.

In a press release, Luka Atkinson, the reception supervisor at RSPCA Felledge said that Phoenix was six-weeks-old, had the skin and fur on all four pads, face, tummy and legs were singed.

She was lucky to be alive. The first few days of Phoenix’s care focused on keeping her cool and hydrated. Her condition got worse at first – but happily, Phoenix turned around and started to get better!

Turns out that most of her injuries were from the extreme heat from the fire. Even though she was in a rough spot and in a lot of pain, she pulled through and is now a playful, loving, and grateful kitten!

Phoenix’s eyelids have no fur – yet, but everyone hopes that her eyes will heal up with time. Let us hope Phoenix finds a loving forever home soon!

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