Parents Learn Daughter Won’t Live To Be Flower Girl At Their Wedding, Hold It At Hospital Instead

A wedding is one of the most meaningful moments in a young family’s life. It symbolizes joy, unity, and life-long commitment— the making of a legally-binding unit, where one did not exist before. While weddings themselves are always an occasion to be celebrated, sometimes the circumstances they occur in are not the most joyful.

Tania Miller and Jacob Skaratts’s daughter Paige had always dreamed of being a flower girl in her parents’ wedding.

(Fluffy princess dresses, entertaining music, and a complete atmosphere of romance— can anyone really blame her?)

But when Tania and Jacob got the devastating news that Paige had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, they knew they did not have much time to make their daughter’s dream come true.

With the help of Paige’s aunt Innez Stonnel, the family worked extensively, transforming Paige’s hospital room into a wedding venue in just 24 hours. Photographer Kylie Marcic was there to capture the emotional event in a series of photos that has since gone viral.

Marcic captures each of the family’s precious moments from the pre-wedding preparation to their walk down the aisle.

You see Tania getting her wedding hair and makeup done while sitting at the side of her sick daughter’s hospital bed.

As well as the moments of laughter that seem to shine through such dark times.

The juxtapositIon of such large life events is powerful— one symbolizing new beginnings and laughter with the other signifying gut-wrenching grief and goodbye.

But it’s also powerful on many other levels, including the idea of a young life being taken away and a parent being forced to their child.

The visuals (and their meaning) are a lot to take in.

And as Tania and Jacob begin the wedding ceremony, the emotions on their faces are evident.

Two young people, who have just started their journey in life, being forced to say goodbye to their beloved child.

These photos truly are the definition of bittersweet.

Paige’s aunt Innez has set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds for the family’s expenses and Paige’s medical treatments. As of 7 days ago, they surpassed their goal, ultimately raising more than $45,000 in a single month.

To the members of the Skarrat family: you are all in our prayers.

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