Parents do the unthinkable to their newborn son, then a stranger sweeps in and changes everything.

Dima Kalekin, a child from Ukraine, will never know his real parents. They abandoned him the day he was born because he had a disease called hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain. Dima ended up in an orphanage for disabled children. Fast forward to when he was four years-old and he still struggled. He could not walk or feed himself with a spoon. However, he was able to speak a handful of words. Dima seemed to be doing well, but that was all about to change.

War was in full force in Ukraine, putting the orphanage right at the center and in an extremely dangerous place. No one had been assigned to notify the orphanage when it would be time to evacuate, so they had to leave the area. The children were dragged from place to place, often without sufficient food, water, or medical supplies to support their various disabilities.

As many of the children were quickly approaching death, the Ukrainian authorities finally stepped in and place them in a hospital in Charkow. Doctors were shocked at the condition of Dima when they first saw him and many even cried. The doctors were so worried about his health that they called upon a priest to come and pray for Dima.

Dima and the other children were placed in a new orphanage, and soon after, a couple from the United States adopted him. Dima now had a family of his own with seven other siblings, also adopted.

His adoptive parents heard of the war displacing many children, so they decided to adopt one of them and when they first saw Dima they knew the was the one they wanted to join their family. His parents renamed him Zebadiah. Zebadiah began to thrive immediately in this loving and encouraging environment.