Parents Abandons Baby At The Hospital When Her Care Becomes Too Costly

We like to believe that parents will do anything to care for their kids. We hear all the stories of sacrifice, or working multiple jobs and robbing Peter to pay Paul, all to make sure Junior or Janey has whatever they want or need. Sure, there are times when things get too tight, when the amount needed to fulfill an obligation becomes too dear, but we’d never imagine a Mom or Dad just giving up. They just wouldn’t do that…would they?

This Is Little Menghan Sun

Well, for a little girl in China, that’s exactly what happened. Little Sun Menghan is only eight months old, and she has already been through six surgeries. She continues to fight for her life as she continues to battle the congenital biliary atresia that she was born with. The condition causes the bile ducts leading to the liver to become inflamed and blocked. This eventually leads to the organ failing all together.

She Suffers From A Rare Condition Affecting Her Liver

Menghan has already had one transplant, and it didn’t take…and just to make matters worse, when her parents discovered the cost of all this treatment, they abandoned her at the hospital. In fact, Mom was heard to say that she’d rather try her luck by having another child. They even pleaded that the hospital stop treatment. Luckily, Menghan’s grandparents stepped in and our now guardians for the girl, and they are vowing to do anything to save her life.

And Her Parents Abandoned Her Because Treatment Was Too Costly

At first, the baby was sent to the common country folk, forced to live far away from the doctors and facilities needed to treat her. The grandparents have since moved to be closer to better care. They are embarrassed and sadden by the actions of their adult children and wish they would reconsider. In the meantime, Menghan continues to undergo procedures. Local charities have raised more than $74,000 for her continued care. Thankfully there are more people unlike her parents than like them.

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