Paralyzed Wife Is Suspicious Of Why Husband Spends All His Time In Garage, Then She Follows Him

Ever since they were kids, Brad and Liz knew, just knew, that one day they would start a family. They wanted a brood of little ones running about, knowing that the children looked up to them and followed in their footsteps. And they both wanted this independently before they even met. And when they did met, they knew they were meant to be together. Even though they had not yet married, Liz and Brad were head over heels for each other and were committed to each other for life. They could stand shoulder to shoulder and look into the future together and see the same thing. They were meant to be. But just three months before their wedding day, tragedy struck. And it would forever change their lives and their relationship…

Brad and Liz already had three sons together before they were ready to be married. Marriage for them was just a formality as they had already committed themselves to each other long before that day. But while in the car with their little boys, the tire blew out and the car spun out of the control. It went off the road and thrust the family into danger.

Fortunately, the three young boys walked away without any injuries. They simply were bruised and a little bit banged up. Brad was hit much worse. His leg was broken. But Liz, the matriarch of the family, was horribly injured. Her situation simply was devastating – her back was broken and she later learned that she was paralyzed from the waste down. Her life would never be the same again.

Brad was no stranger to horrible accidents. He was a war veteran and had seen terrible things happen while out in the field. His comrades had been killed in the line of duty and he’d seen the damage IEDs and other explosives cause to the human body. But despite his military training, Brad was unprepared for the emotional trauma watching his wife struggle through paralysis like she would have to.

Fortunately, Liz was a strong woman. But she was used to being very active and going hiking. Now, in an instant, that was taken from her. The transition to life in a wheelchair was challenging – especially for her ego.

Brad felt horrible. He also enjoyed going outdoors and hiking. But he would never want to leave his wife behind on these adventures. That’s when he figured out a way to get her out on the trails again so she could hike. While it would never be exactly the same, he did come up with an ingenious solution.

For three months, Brad snuck around behind Liz’s back to come up wit ha solution. It was a lot of trial and error, but his dedication to his wife ended up paying off. And when he finally revealed what he built for his wife, she was overjoyed.

He created his paralyzed wife a tank-like wheelchair that could go almost anywhere.

Brad was happy that his wife wouldn’t have to feel left behind anymore.

But after he helped his wife, Brad had an even better idea. He then started making these tank-like wheel chairs for wounded soldiers. And the impact he has made is huge.

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