Officer Spots What Mom And Son Are Doing In Parked Car, Swiftly Reacts

Living with autism is difficult and complicated, and one of the symptoms of this condition is that things can get quickly too overwhelming in stressful situations.

When Charlie Watkins’ car broke down, she and her autistic son Jeriah were stuck in the heat and the traffic of highway 170.

Everything was so loud that Jeriah even had to wear earmuffs at some point to drown out the noise around him.

But then a miracle happened – a South Carolina State Trooper by the name of Adam Klimek arrived to help out. He pulled up near them and invited the two to sit with him in his patrol car.

While Watkins made phone calls to get a tow truck and made arrangements to figure out how long they would be there, Klimek did his best to keep Jeriah occupied.

He found out soon that the boy loved watching Netflix and let him watch a movie on his iPad while they waited. Jeriah got to watch his favorite movie, Curious George, while the tow truck was on its way.

When Watkins spoke highly of Klimek, he brushed off the praise and said that he was only doing what he thought anyone else would do, and that he hoped his own family would be treated that way if they broke down on the side of the highway. Selfless and compassionate acts like these really make the world go round!

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