Nurse Is Worried When Boyfriend Arrives In Ambulance. Then He Falls From Stretcher Onto One Knee

Some people go to great lengths to express their love for their beloved. And that’s exactly what Tom Ciancia did, even if it meant scaring the crap out of his girlfriend Lauren Trulli.

Ciancia came up with a terrifyingly elaborate ruse in order to pop the big question to his girlfriend.

He enlisted the help of the Elberon First Aid Squad EMTs as well as their co-workers at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ where they both work as nurses. Not only did they help him with his unique proposal but they also videotaped the entire thing.

“Today we did something truly special for two people!”Elberon First Aid Squad wrote on their Facebook page. “We would like to congratulate Tom and Lauren on their engagement! We helped Tom propose by ‘scaring’ Lauren into saying yes!”

It’s probably the first proposal you’ve ever heard of that involved an ambulance, a stretcher, and a terrified future fianceé.

Here’s how it went down… Ciancia got the EMTs to put him on a stretcher and into one of their ambulances. Since he is allergic to peanuts he faked an allergic reaction.

The ambulance was brought to the hospital’s emergency room.

When Trulli was summoned to the ambulance she took one look at her boyfriend on that stretcher and started freaking out a bit.

“Tom, Oh my God!” she called out.

Trulli helped Ciancia off of the stretcher and he stumbled for theatrical effect before getting down on one knee.

“Shut up! Are you f—— kidding me?” she said.

That’s when Ciancia explained that since the hospital was the place where he fell in love with her, he couldn’t think of a better place to ask for her then blue-green gloved hand in marriage.

“This was the best place to surprise you,” he said.

She pulled off her gloves and threw them on the floor.

“Oh my God, I hate you,” she told him for scaring the daylights out of her.

There wasn’t a dry eye in that hospital room when Trulli said “Yes!”

Poor girl, that’s a lot of emotions to go through in a 5 minutes period thinking your beloved is in a serious medical situation to saying “Yes” to one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever make in your life.

By the look on her face afterward, it was well worth it. Congratulations Tom and Lauren! Check out the video of this crazy proposal below.

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