Noises In Attic Make Dad Suspicious So He Installs A Camera, Catches Creeper Spying On Them

When you go home, you expect to find comfort and privacy.

A lot of times you go home to escape the outside world and to avoid seeing or talking to other people. The ones that share your home are those that live with you or those you really trust. The last thing you want to worry about are trespassers or creeps luring inside your home.

For one family, unfortunately, coming home did not mean the same thing.

John and Ashley Kennedy experienced something extremely disturbing in what was supposed to be the comfort and privacy of their own house. The couple lives with their 10-month-old baby in Pittsburgh. They sleep in the bedroom together with their baby in the crib, which is located right below the attic. The couple had a neighbor who was making renovations to his house, but they never really had any contact with the man.

One night, Jerome was woken up by strange noises.

He told Inside Edition:

“I knew that somebody was up there.”

He got up, started looking around, and eventually figured out that the noises were coming from the attic. He then suddenly saw a light that was coming from a pipe on the ceiling. Jerome became slightly worried about the noises and lights, so the next day, he went up to the attic to install some security cameras. He had not been able to figure who or what was up there, and he was hoping that the security cameras would give him some clarity on the situation.

After watching the footage the day after that, Jerome made a very disturbing discovery.

He saw his 69-year-old neighbor, Robert Havrilla, poking around in the attic. Havrilla had been crawling in the attic space, and the Kennedys believe that he had been spying on them and their baby. The man had always been described as being very reclusive and as being someone that keeps to himself.

The camera footage showed Havrilla walking around with a power drill in his hand. He had been making renovations to his own house and had decided to install a removable wall between his place and the Kennedys’ attic. This gave him direct access to the Kennedys’ house and the ability to come and go as he pleased.

Jerome, who was extremely disturbed by the entire situation, had yet to find out about another unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

He also found holes in a common wall, and he quickly plugged them up with tissue paper.

When confronting Havrilla about the trespassing, Jerome figured that the man’s sole purpose of drilling holes in the wall was to be able to spy on the family.

Jack Goodridge, the couple’s attorney said:

“It’s that scary to think that somebody would be that intrusive into somebody’s home. In my humble opinion, he was waiting for the creep show.”

Havrilla was arrested on July 17 on charges of stalking and trespassing, but he refuses to plead guilty.

The attorney for Havrilla told “Inside Edition” that Havrilla did not have any bad intentions. According to Havrilla’s attorney, the man was only in the attic because of maintenance reasons, which were related to the renovations he was doing to his own home.

Jerome and Ashley hope that this man will be found guilty of the crimes that he committed and hope that this will be the last of their disturbances. They also hope that he will be locked up for a long time so that they can sleep peacefully at night.

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