Nine-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Is Getting An Early Christmas And He Has A Request For You!

Jacob Thompson has been fighting cancer for four years.

He is now nine.

His official diagnosis was stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer that is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in children.

Sadly, the disease spread to Jacob’s head and he was hospitalized in October.

The doctors have said that he will remain there indefinitely.

Although Jacob tries to keep in good spirits, it is very difficult.

Since being admitted to the Maine Medical Center, Jacob’s cancer spread to other parts of his body including his hip, which causes him to suffer in constant pain and restricts his movement.

His favorite holiday is Christmas, but doctors, unfortunately, do not believe Jacob will make it until then, so his family decided to give him a special Christmas celebration and the hospital joined in as well.

Although his parents aren’t sure what kind of tree they will be able to put in Jacob’s room due to fire codes, the hospital will be decorating his room with fake snow, and they are making sure Santa makes an early visit to this resilient young man.

Like most kids his age, Jacob is into video games and legos, but what will make his early Christmas even more special is receiving homemade cards from around the country.

Jacob loves homemade cards and is hoping to receive as many as possible this year. His story has gone viral and there is little doubt his simple wish will come true.

Watch His Story And How You Can Send Him A Card:

If you want to make Jacob’s Christmas wish come true, send a card to:

Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

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