Netizens Amazed by Young Couple’s Decision to Spend Only RM1,300 on Wedding

Weddings can be huge and expensive affairs that are really time-consuming as there are so many customs that the couple needs to follow. No matter which religion or culture, it’s still the same!

Sometimes, couples can run up a huge debt just to finance their weddings. Plus, many girls, especially in China now expect the guy to have a house and a car before they agree to get married. However, not all girls are like that as this recent marriage in China has proven.
According to Sina, a Chinese netizen, Han shared photos of her best friend, San San’s wedding on WeChat which recently went viral. San San, who is 22 years old this year, had decided to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend who is also her first love.

They held a super simple ceremony that only amounted to a grand total of 2110 yuan (RM1,350) for the whole wedding, and that amazed everyone. That’s incredibly cheap!

How did they do it? Apparently, all they prepared for the wedding was the payment of 1,500 yuan (RM960) to rent a small home and the rest of the money went to a plain wedding gown, a bottle of red wine, a pair of simple wedding rings and a few other items. They did not want to waste money as both of them were still starting their careers.

Han explained, “Both of them did not want to go through the trouble of having a big wedding just to appease a few hundred relatives that they were not close to so they decided to have a simple one. They didn’t spend much money, only 2110 yuan (RM1,350) which includes the rent for their own place! True love isn’t just about material things. Wishing them a happy marriage.”

She said that they had already registered their marriage in September and they had this ceremony that was pared down to the basic rituals just because of tradition. Yes, a big wedding may just be full of unnecessary frills sometimes!

Many netizens praised the couple for their mature and forward thinking in not wasting money for an expensive wedding, saying, “Look at how sweet they are, as long as both of them are happy, that’s the most important. He may not be able to give her a house now but it doesn’t mean he can’t give it to her next time.”

“They can work hard together and buy the house of their dreams in the future!” another netizen commented.

However, there were some naysayers who criticised the couple and hope that the girl would not regret her decision in the future. One of them said, “If I were the husband, I would not marry her unless I’m able to give her a home. I wouldn’t feel secure. They are still so young!”

What do you think of having a simple, no-frills wedding like that? Would you be okay with it or do you have higher expectations for your big day?