Neighbors Put Chairs Out For 95-Year-Old To Rest During Daily Walks

For the past 65 years, one Minnesota man has been walking around his neighborhood sometimes twice a day as part of his daily exercise routine.

“My wife said years ago I just – I’m antsy. I can’t sit still so maybe that’s another reason I’m walking,” said Harvye Djerf, a World War II veteran and retired biology teacher. As Djerf got older, he stuck to his routine but started taking some rests in the middle of his route.

“As I got older, I stop and rest more often and the neighbors have noticed Harvey’s stopping and taking his breath so then they’ve been putting out different chairs and inviting me to sit and take a rest,” the 95-year-old said. Now, the almost mile-long route is spotted with chairs.

“It’s a wonderful experience and it’s a social experience and I get to know the neighbors and they get to know me,” Djerf added. “They say when they see Harvey go by twice a day, they figured they should get out and walk themselves. So maybe I’m having a good effect on some people.”

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome thing these neighbors do for a 95-year-old veteran when he gets tired.

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