Mother and son dazzle wedding guests with ‘evolution of dance’ wedding routine

No matter whose it is, weddings are a time for celebration.

Though the specifics of each wedding can change depending on the culture and how festive the family is, each one comes with its own specific set of traditions. There’s usually an adorable little kid to be the ring bearer, the bride usually throws her flowers to the bridesmaids and the bride and groom often mash wedding cake in one another’s faces. Another of these honored traditions is the mother and son dance, the counterpart to the more commonly remembered father and daughter dance.

Still, this particular mother and son dance is one for the books.

The wedding was for Jared Dauenhauer and his bride, AlLee.

When the time came for the mother and son dance, Jared and his mom moved out into the middle of the dance floor as “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion starts playing. Although Dion’s song is a classic and a sentimental one, it was just a little bit too unoriginal for Jared and his mom. Moments after the song starts, a record scratches.

That’s when Jared and his mom take things to another level.

What follows is a full musical tour that nobody expected.

The first hit in the mix is “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees which has the pair bust out their sunglasses and hit their best disco moves. After that, “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer comes on. Without ruining the performance, let’s just say both mother and son studied all their dance moves and commit to them pretty hard here.

Things seem to be over after Psy’s “Gangnam Style” plays and the crowd starts applauding.

As it turns out though, the crowd is wrong—these two are just getting started. With the first half of the songs out of the way, the Dauenhauers decide to turn things up another notch. Having covered a few classics, the pair turns their attention to some popular dance crazes from Southern rap music. These two lean with it and rock with it—and mom even hits the stanky leg.

After covering every dance move imaginable, the two strike a pose—and the crowd loses it.

After watching the video, we have to salute this pair for giving the performance their all.

Weddings are almost always fun but sometimes things can seem a little too routine. Needless to say, these two took a time-honored tradition and transformed it into something all their own. Words can’t do this one justice and it needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. Check out the video below!

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