Mom’s Filming Her Little Baby. But Watch When The Camera Pans Over To Dad…

When Mom, Dad and their adorable baby named Brooklyn sat down for a pleasant family dinner, they had no idea that something absolutely hilarious was just moments away from happening.

It was a normal enough day: the food was ready and looked particularly tasty and healthy; the baby had already eaten her fill; this happy family was truly enjoying themselves at the dinner table. But that’s when Daddy, who obviously has quite the sense of humor, decided to play with his food just a bit.

While Dad doesn’t usually play with his food, he thought this would be a pretty perfect opportunity to make a silly face for his little girl using the help of asparagus. He plopped the big green vegetable into his mouth and let it hang there.

Instantly, the little baby seems absolutely transfixed with what her dad is doing. So when he drops the asparagus back down onto his plate, she instantly bursts into uncontrollable laughter. There’s really no telling what a baby will find funny, but there was just something that she loved so much about seeing the asparagus fall out of Daddy’s mouth!

But just when you thought this video couldn’t get any sillier, little baby Brooklyn does something that has both of her parents laughing even harder than she was, and it’ll probably get you laughing just as hard, too!

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