Mom Wakes Up To Find Child Gone, And Follows Two Sets Of Footprints To Find Him

There are some scary moments when you’re a parent, far more rewarding moments, but scary moments nonetheless.

It seems the worry never stops from the moment you find out you are expecting.

As your little one grows up, these fears change.

At first, it just may be worry that they won’t have 10 little toes and fingers.

Then, once your child becomes a toddler, getting hurt while learning to walk or choking on solid food enter the worry window,

These fears progress with age and no matter how old your child gets, a parent will always worry.

One of the biggest universal fears of every parent on the face of the planet is that their child will disappear.

One Mississippi mom had that exact nightmare come to life.

Chelsea Noble woke up and sensed something was wrong.

She went to her two-year-old son William’s room and realized he was gone and the front door was wide open. Chelsea and William’s aunt began searching for the little boy and called the police when they couldn’t locate him.

To make a scary situation even more terrifying, the authorities noticed two sets of footprints.

However, the authorities quickly managed to identify one of the footprints as William’s and the second as the family’s dog, Jezebel’s.

MS Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries agents going into the woods to search for missing child @MDWFPonline

— Hugh Keeton (@HughKeeton) 3 октября 2017 г.

“Every time we found his footprint, we found the dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day,” Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said.

It was a relief for Chelsea to learn that her toddler wasn’t taken and wasn’t alone but the authorities knew they had to find William fast.

They searched the woods and nine hours later a child who had just gotten off the school bus heard a horn honking. He managed to find the source – a white truck with a toddler inside.

The child rushed home to tell his uncle who contacted the authorities.

William was found inside the truck which was less than a quarter mile where the search party was looking. Jezebel was keeping guard outside the truck and never left William’s side.

Police say the pair traveled three to four miles from William’s house into the woods sometime after 6:30 am when his dad left for work. They believe it would have taken another 90 minutes or so to find them based on the grid the search party was on.

William was suffering from heat exhaustion, was dehydrated and hungry, and had scratches on him from the woods but other than that he was okay.