Mom visits fallen soldier son’s grave, finds unfamiliar boy leaving drawing at son’s grave

There’s nothing sweeter than a child’s innocence and their ability to show love, empathy, and compassion — even if it’s for someone they have never and will not meet. A 7-year old named Mason Lee from Wilmington, NC is one very special, kind, and caring kid.

It is a tradition for Mason and his mom, Sarah Lee, to put flags on headstones on Memorial Day. It was one grave, in particular, however, that really caught the little boy’s attention.

For some reason, the little boy was drawn to the headstone of fallen soldier TJ Butler who lost his life in Afghanistan.

Sarah Lee noticed Mason sitting next to the headstone looking at it pensively.

“Mason had a lot of questions. He wanted to know if he had a son and a family, and wanted to know more about him,” Lee said to WECT NBC. “It was really touching because you could tell he was really soaking it all in. That this was somebody’s son, somebody’s daddy.”

The following year, it was time to put out flags once again — but only this time, Mason wanted to do something extra special for TJ Butler.

Mason wanted to draw a picture for Butler — he decided on an American Flag and a shield, the one just like Captain America’s.

“It must have made a huge impact on him to be that young and remember something like that,” Lee said.

When the mother of the fallen soldier saw the drawing left by the little boy, she was beyond touched.

TJ Butler’s mother, Leslie Butler, was completely moved by the little boy’s gesture — a little boy whom she has never met. A little boy who never met her son. But it was a little boy that had a heart of absolute gold.

Just recently, Leslie was finally able to meet the 7-year old boy who touched her heart so deeply. And she had a very special present to give him — a Captain America doll.

The two families are so happy to have family met. Mason plans on putting out flags next year and will be visiting TJ’s grave first.

“As long as Mason is here, he’ll place his flag here I can be happy that I know that Mason’s going to give TJ his flag,” Leslie said.

Meet this awesome little boy with a beautiful soul in the video below. What a wonderful kid!

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