Mom turns the camera on, records hysterical song that every mom can relate too

Motherhood is no easy job. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying. Though it is incredibly rewarding, perhaps the most rewarding and important job one could have, it’s still challenging none the less.

Katie Crank knows this all too well. That’s why she created an anthem for all moms everywhere.

Not only is her version of the country music hit “When You Say Nothing At All,” made famous by singers like Alison Krauss and Keith Whitley, something all moms can relate to but it’s also downright hilarious.

“I don’t really consider myself a songwriter and I can’t read a note of music to save my life but I have always loved to sing and I self-taught myself piano,” she writes on her YouTube Channel. “Most of my videos are silly… finding humor about life and raising 4 boys.”

The mother of four’s voice is absolutely beautiful as she sings, putting her own spin on the lyrics.

“It’s amazing how you can destroy everything,” as her four tykes jump around and roughhouse in the background.

She goes on to sing about things moms of boys all have to deal with, including how they can turn the house into a complete mess within minutes and hearing silence is probably when the kids are into something they shouldn’t be.

“The smile on your face lets me know that you’re guilty,” she sings. “There’s a look in your eyes saying you need my mercy. The mess that you make is just normal for four little boys.”

But Crank explains that she has come to accept that the mess is just a part of her reality.

Then she tells the classic tale of how when something goes wrong, of course, it’s not their fault. It’s never anyone’s fault! She looks back at her wild boys and shakes her head.

“All day long I can hear you boys fighting out loud,” she says with an “It drives me crazy,” sign.

Though her boys sometimes drive her up a wall, she loves them just the same. Here’s where the song gets sentimental. You may want to grab a tissue.

“But when I hold you near you melt my heart,” she says explaining that she loves the snuggles.

She goes on to tell the camera that she has “the best boys ever.”

“The smile in your face lets me know that you need me. There’s a truth in your eyes that says you’ll never leave me. The touch of my hand says I’ll catch you whenever you fall.”

Spoken like a true mother, as her son slaps his belly yelling into the camera.

“You say it best when you say I love you mom.”

I mean, how cute is that song!?!?! You can watch the heartwarming performance below.

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