Mom Tells Husband Her Stressful Day Was ‘Normal’ – Then Toddler Tells Dad The Actual Story

Let’s face it — moms are superheroes. They can multi-task like nobody’s business and their motherly love toward their children is astounding. It’s amazing what moms can do.

This moving video and its powerful message have touched the hearts of over 5.3 million people. It’s called “A Normal Day,” and it portrays the typical ‘normal day’ for one mother with two young children. It’s a video that many mothers can relate to.

The mom in the video starts her day before it begins with a young child screaming “Mom!” from her bedroom. There is a monster in her room, and she needs comforting. Next, the sibling battles begin. Mom rushes in to diffuse the situation.

Even though her day has just begun, this supermom deals with each and every stressful situation like a champ.

Then comes the dreaded trip to the grocery store. The struggle begins when she’s loading her fussy kids in their carseats. Of course, the grocery store is an adventure in and of itself, but she powers through.

Then come the messes. Her young daughter carries a brand new beautiful cake across the kitchen. Mom sees the plate tilting from afar, but she can’t quite get to it in time — the entire cake falls to the floor. Mom collapses to the floor in surrender, but she knows it’s all part of mom-life.

Her husband returns home from work and asks his wife how her day was; she replied: “It was a normal day.” She was reflecting back on her day filled with temper tantrums and hissy fits. Thinking about the chaos of mealtime. Not to mention the diaper changes and constant messes. But to her — even though it was chaotic and stressful, this was ‘normal.’

So many moms might feel overworked, over-stressed, and under-appreciated. However, it’s videos like these that every mom should watch. There is a powerful message at the end of this video, and all moms deserve to hear and watch it.

When the dad asked his daughter how her day was, her response took the mom by total surprise. Grab a tissue for this one.

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