Mom sees big blisters on baby’s feet, is shocked when she finds out the truth

This story really upsets me.

A mother and father in Maryland were stunned when they found blisters on the soles of their 6-month-old baby’s feet.

They had no idea how they got there, but once the blisters swelled up, it became clear that there were burns, so they immediately called the police.

No one could’ve caused the burns except for the person who was with the child right before the parents noticed the blisters.

The Washington Post reports that the person responsible, a 36-year-old nanny named Ismelda Ramos-Mendoza, was charged with child abuse.

According to Maryland detective Charles Earle, the nanny burned the baby’s feet because the child wouldn’t stop crying.

Out of pure frustration, the nanny placed the baby’s feet on a grill or frying pan that she used to cook tortillas, detective Earle told the Washington Post.

Back in March, when this happened, it was reported that the 36-year-old woman had worked as a nanny for one or two years, and that the police were investigating whether she may have injured more children.

We hope that no other children suffered. And to help save other children from meeting this same fate, we decided to share this story now as a warning to other parents.

Watch a news report about the terrible event here:

The most important job of a nanny is make sure that the children they’re caring for are safe. So to see a nanny end up being the person who harmed this baby is just heartbreaking.

Since parents can’t watch childcare providers with their children 24/7, it’s important to pay attention to the little details and stay vigilant and responsive.

Please share this story so that parents are more careful about who they allow to be alone with their children.