Mom puts 3-year-old daughter to bed, shrieks when the neighbor knocks on her door minutes later

That young children are curious about life is not a revolutionary fact. Again and again, they can be impressed by and enjoy the simplest of activities.

Their curious minds make them little explorers. And it’s great to let them make the most out of their keen interest in just about everything.

This, however, sometimes, leads to accidents. Thankfully, most of the time these are nothing too serious — a scraped knee or bruise and the like.

But for one Idaho mom, it was tragically so much worse.

Mom Amber believed both her home and child’s daycare were fullproof and safe for her 3-year-old daughter, Aubrey. But she was wrong.

It was an ordinary night on May 26 this year, and Amber Boone had just put her Aubrey to bed upstairs, and then gone down to the lower floor to study.

But she was soon interrupted by a hard knock on her front door. It was her neighbor, screaming in panic.

«I think she fell,» she was screaming… referring to Aubrey.

The neighbor had indeed witnessed the terrible accident, but had been too far away to come and catch her, writes The San Francisco Globe.

Amber was in shock as she rushed to her blue-eyed and bleeding daughter.

It appeared that Aubrey had climbed our of bed, went up to the window and then managed to open it.

Many parents are very good at securing kitchen cabinets, stairs, sharp edges and electrical outlets, but commonly forget the put child locks on the windows.

Handles are already often difficult to open, but definitely not impossible for children, even if they are only a couple of years old.

Amber called for ambulance and AUbrey was quickly taken to hospital, where doctors found fractures on her skull, a damaged spleen and blisters all over her body.

Fortunately, she was immediately treated — otherwise the little girl might not have survived.

Thanks to skilled doctors and prompt care, she did not get any permanent damage. It will however yake four to six months for her injuries to heal. Above all, she was lucky she did not get any permanent brain damage after the serious fracture.

According to Catarina Billard, an expert on child safety issues, such falls are more common than you think — but also very easy to prevent.

Now Amber wants to warn other parents of the risks of not childproofing their windows.

Watch the below report on the terrible incident below.

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