Mom Picks Up Baby From Daycare Covered In Feces With A High Fever, Things Get Worse

Every parent wants the best for their children. But as costs for basic services like healthcare, food, housing, and water continue to rise, more and more Americans are forced to put their children in the hands of strangers so they can go to work. It’s a nightmare for many parents. They don’t want to leave their babies in daycare, but they have no choice. They need to so they can go to a job and earn a paycheck.

But Kalie Kelly, a mom living in Florida, did the best she could when it was time to find a daycare for her baby girl. She researched her options online and found the best one that she could afford.

However, little did she know but the workers at the daycare were anything but caring.

One day, she went to pick up her 13-month-old daughter from daycare. The poor baby was covered in feces and had a fever that rose to nearly 104-degrees. The daycare workers hadn’t bothered telling the mom about the baby’s condition. And they merely thrust the sick baby at her mother so they could relieve themselves of the responsibility of doing their job.

“When I went home and took her temperature, she was 103.8 degrees,” said Kalie. “She looked distraught and out of it. Her mouth was opened, cheeks were flushed.”

Kalie had trusted the daycare program at Grace Community School. They had promised Kalie quality care at an affordable price. But they simply did not take good care of her daughter, Aryana. Kalie found her covered in feces and with a dangerously high fever.

“(When I got home) I went to change her diaper and realized she still had feces on her, which was just heartbreaking,” Kalie said. “I took off her socks and realized these sores on her feet: really red and irritated. I took her to the hospital that night, and she ended up having hand, mouth and foot disease.”

Kalie thought that the daycare workers would have called her if something was wrong with her daughter. Now she is heartbroken that they never bothered to pick up the phone and call her and tell her Aryana was sick.

“If they have a fever, you shouldn’t have to worry about being called. That should be the first thing that (the daycare workers) do, is contact the parent — not find out how I did,” she said.

When she brought her daughter home, she took pictures. The images included her daughter’s sore-covered feet. She also snapped a photo of the thermometer, which read 103.8 degrees.

Because Kalie’s message was heard loud and clear by the Florida community, Fox 4’s 4 In Your Corner stepped up to support this outraged mother. Their reporters contacted the Grace Community School daycare program, but the daycare workers refused to comment on Aryana’s condition.

Because the school is “religiously exempt,” their daycare program doesn’t need to be licensed or inspected by the state. Instead, a private organization comes to check on them.

Although Kalie did some online research, now she knows how dangerous daycares can be. She will never make the same mistake again.

“I will definitely do my homework better and believe reviews,” she said.