Mom Passes Away Then Daughter Spots One Of The Last Images Of Her On Google Street

Denise Underhill lived in Florida and lost her mom, Beryl Turton, about 18 months ago. The loss of a parent is one of the hardest things we will ever experience. Beryl is always on Denise’s mind. Recently while doing some housework, Denise got an extraordinary urge to talk to her mom, but she knew that was impossible.

The next best thing she thought of was to look at her mom’s previous house on Google Earth – the happy memories may help lessen the grief and loneliness.

Denise sat down in front of her computer and entered in the name of her mom’s street, Chaytor Road (which is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK) and began to look for her mom’s house. The new homeowners hadn’t really changed the front of the house – but then Denise realized that the photo was taken while her mom still lived there!

How did she know? Because in the photo, you could see Beryl outside watering her plants! These images were taken shortly before Beryl passed – and she appears in three different ones!

How comforting to know that Beryl was doing the thing she loved best – gardening – and those images have been archived forever online! Denise was overwhelmed!

She told the Tamworth Herald that seeing those images made her day!

She also believes that someone had wanted her to see the pictures that day. Now if Denise ever gets the urge to talk with her mom, all she has to do is go to Google Earth and see her mom!

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