Mom Lives Next To Same Woman For Years – Finally Steps Inside And Can’t Just Leave

The discussion around mental health has started to open up more recently in the last few years.

One woman is sharing a personal experience that has opened the eyes of many all around the world.

Lucy Ashen of Fulham, England has lived in the same area her entire life. She loves where she lives and her neighbors. But one neighbor in particular recently shocked her.

She knew this neighbor was living in bad conditions, but Lucy was horrified to find out her neighbor was living in filth, with little to no food.

Lucy has lived near her neighbor, who she refers to as My Lady, for a while and she’s always had an inkling that all was not well with My Lady. But she’d never been allowed behind her door. She’d tried for years to help My Lady out.

When Lucy finally got inside of My Lady’s apartment, she found out just how bad things were. My Lady is elderly and has struggled with mental health issues for years.

When My Lady got locked out of her apartment, she asked for Lucy’s help. Lucy crawled through a window and learned what My Lady had been hiding.

My lady’s apartment was filthy and there was no food in the fridge or pantry. Apparently, My Lady hadn’t bathed in 13 years due to mobility issues.

Lucy shared My Lady’s story in a lengthy Facebook post, on a page she has since created to share stories about their interactions.

Up until 10 days ago this lady was living in indescribable filth and squalor. There was no food, filthy clothes, nobody to help her bathe, and just never ending loneliness and despair. I had tried on numerous occasions over the last few years to gain access to her property to help her, as I knew she was living in less than acceptable conditions, I just didn’t realise how bad. What I saw when she finally let me in will stay with me forever! It was horrific! NOBODY should live like it! So without stopping to think, I gutted her house! I mean everything went down to the toilet seat. I knew I needed help at this point, so without thinking too much of it I put a post on Facebook asking for help along with a list of what she needed.

Lucy had initially posted about the squalor she had found in My Lady’s apartment and that post got so much attention.

Within 24 hours, Lucy had 80% of the items on her list of things she needed for My Lady.

It took me over 60 hours of cleaning to get her flat to an acceptable level for her to live in and 11 days on I’m still not finished! But with the kindness and generosity of the people who donated items I have been able to turn her house into a home. She has everything she could need, a bed to sleep in (she was sleeping on the floor) good clean furniture, fresh new bedding, beautiful new clothes, three meals a day, and most importantly company. She truly has been saved from a lonely and degrading life, she has been given her dignity back and I intend for her to live out the rest of her life in comfort and surrounded by love.

Thousands have commended Lucy for her kindness. But Lucy is just happy to know that My Lady is no longer living like that and was brought to tears from all of the support she’s received.

Here is the full post for reference.

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