Mom lets boy hold younger twins in arms. He’s loves them so much he can’t let go

Extending the family with a second child is always a special moment, not only for the parents but for the older sibling as well. It’s a huge change in the household, and the older child is going to have to get used to not receiving all the attention all the time. Luckily, most older children would be thrilled to have younger siblings and take care of them, such as this adorable toddler from Oregon.

When Elijah’s parents knew they were expecting twins, they didn’t know how their first child would react to having two younger siblings into the house, but Elijah’s reaction is absolutely heartwarming.

Unfortunately, when the twins were born, they both had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for over five weeks, as the birth didn’t come without its complications.

Luckily, the twin baby brothers were finally allowed to come home with mom, dad, and Elijah. Elijah’s mom decided to let him hold the babies and take care of them on the sofa, while he was watching his favorite television show. The twins are gently given to the little Elijah and he quickly gets comfortable with them, sharing his blanket to make sure they don’t get cold.

After a couple of minutes, mom tries to hold one of the babies but here’s where it gets absolutely adorable.

Elijah doesn’t want to let go of the adorable little infants and holds both of them tightly in his arms. Elijah’s mom keeps on asking and asking but it’s incredibly sweet to see that Elijah doesn’t want to let go and care for them a little bit longer, ignoring his mom’s requests.

“You want mommy to take the babies?” mom asked, to which Elijah simply replied multiple times: “No, I’ll take the babies.”

A video has surfaced of this fantastic interaction and it quickly went viral on the internet. The footage was posted in October, and Elijah’s parents decided to create a small sequel video, five months later. We see Elijah and his baby brothers sitting in a cardboard box together, and when someone asks to hold one of the babies, he still doesn’t want to share his baby brothers.

“Five months from Elijah’s first video “brother holds twins for the first time and won’t let go” Elijah STILL won’t share them. In this yet again, ridiculously cute video, big brother Elijah insisted on holding his twin brothers in a box and refuses to let anyone take them away from him,” the video caption reads.


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