Mom just had baby and needs cheering up. They can’t afford going out, but man has brilliant idea

So many people spend so much of their times stressing about money. It is one of the main causes of tension and arguments in relationships and has even caused breakups.

But money comes and goes and in the grand scheme of life, we can still find ways to be happy when it’s less plentiful than we’d like.

Women are sometimes portrayed in society as being who seek men with lots of money to impress us with. We’re shown as wanting a man to spend his money on us, take us to fancy places and lavish us with gifts. and take us to fancy place while spending

But if you ask most women what they want in a man, they’ll likely tell you that they want someone who is loyal and a good friend.

That’s what Demez White realized when he needed to play the hero for his significant other. His girl was having “one of those days” and needed her man to help boost her spirits.

White was nervous because he didn’t have any money to take his girl out.

“My girlfriend told me that she had a bad day and need cheering up,” he explains in a Facebook post that was shared on the Love What Matters page. “My bank account told me that going out wasn’t an option.”

So, he sat and thought out what his options were and realized that the need for money was an illusion.

“Sitting on my back porch I realized I had everything I needed right in front of me,” White said.

He realized that it doesn’t take money to create beautiful moments with the people you love.

“Sometimes the best memories aren’t about the money we spend or the trips we take,” White said. “They’re about putting a genuine smile on someone’s face that you really care about.”

According to the photo that accompanied the post, he created a beautiful backyard candlelit homemade dinner surrounded by tiki torches and a lovely place to recline in the back of his truck bed.

How romantic!

“Money isn’t as tight anymore and we don’t argue as much but I wouldn’t trade those spring days for anything,” he said. “Never stop dating, never stop impressing.”

Plenty women responded to the post tagging their significant others or explaining that they would love for their man to do something simple like this for them.

It doesn’t take much fellas and ladies, but it does take a little effort!

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