Mom Finds Twins In The Laundry Basket, Their Conversation Has The Internet In Stitches

We all know that twins share a special bond. They just go through the world with a different perception than people who don’t have a twin. For someone who is twin-less, like myself, it is hard to imagine what it would be like to have a brother or sister who has almost the exact same experience as you. It’s amazing. You and your twin grew together inside your mom at the same time – and were born into the world within minutes of each other. And when twins start growing up and experiencing the world together, it can be a beautiful thing. But in the video below, 18-month-old twins Stella and Lilah have something very important to discuss – socks. Yes you read that right. Socks. Not stocks or the stock market, these twins are discussing the fate of the laundry socks. And their adorable way of communicating has mom and the rest of us in love…

TODAY explains that babies can recognize emotions much earlier than they can properly communicate. The share online:

“They may not talk yet, but it turns out babies can recognize each other’s emotions by 5 months of age, correctly matching the sounds of happy or frustrated infants with the appropriate facial expressions. The takeaway for parents is that babies are very much aware of emotion,” Ross Flynn, associate professor of psychology at Brigham Young University said.

Babies, while they might seem like they’re in their own world, are actually sponges picking up on everything around them. Yelling and screaming make just as much of an impact on babies as do signs of love and affection – parents would be wise to opt for happier displays of emotion around their growing children.

But in the video below, the twin sisters are picking up on each other’s emotions – namely excitement. They’re overjoyed to be hanging out in the laundry basket discussing socks with each other – and their conversation seems to really be getting somewhere.

The twins are solving a problem mom has been dealing with since they were born – how to keep track of the babies’ tiny socks. The children love to pull them off and toss them around the room. They could also be talking about their upcoming playtime. The reason we don’t know is because they’re babbling in their own invented twin language.

Either way, the video included below has gone viral since it was released. More than a million people like you have watched it. And it has brought joy to every viewer’s heart. It really is a beautiful moment captured on film.

Here are some of the popular comments shared on YouTube:

“This is NOT random babbling, they are communicating!!!”

“I want to know what was so important about that one pair of socks – fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing!”

“That looks like a phenomenon known as ‘twin speech’. Twin have been known to develop their own language.”

What is your reaction to this fun twin moment?

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